Governor’s Budget Proposal A Step In The Right Direction

A statement from Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R, I, C – East Northport)
January 17, 2012

Governor Cuomo’s 2012-13 Executive Budget has the beginnings of a solid blueprint that will help right-size government, rein in spending and provide mandate relief to help our local governments and school districts.

As with most proposals, there is room for improvement. Mandate relief barely scratches the surface of what really needs to be done. There are too many unfunded mandates that will be detrimental to local governments and schools trying to balance their budgets. I applaud the Governor for keeping the growth of government at the rate of inflation and holding firm to his plan to consolidate state agencies.

We will be facing many challenges ahead as we dig into the details of the governor’s spending plan. I look forward to being a part of this process in order to ensure that Long Island gets our fair share.