Raia: Budget Cuts Deficit Without Taxes Or Fees

A legislative statement from Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C – East Northport)
March 30, 2012

“The 2012-13 state budget has been a realistic bipartisan effort. For the second year in a row, we have brought an on-time budget to the taxpayers of New York without increasing taxes or fees. After years of receiving the budget minutes before the vote, my Assembly colleagues and I have been able to debate the issues in a transparent, open way.

“I applaud Governor Cuomo for working with Minority and Majority alike to provide New York State with a fiscally sound budget that will not take more from already strapped taxpayers. We were able to hold the line on spending, close a multi-billion-dollar deficit and make the smart investments necessary to help get our state back on track.

“My priorities for this budget included restoring EPIC funding for seniors, guaranteeing Suffolk County schools their fair share of state aid, reducing Medicaid costs on local governments and their taxpayers and securing an additional $30 million for SUNY2020 Challenge grants so Long Island’s college students can receive a world-class education and institutions such as SUNY Stonybrook can facilitate job growth in our region.

“I am proud of the victories my colleagues and I have scored on behalf of taxpayers and families in the 2012-13 state budget. However, there remains important work to be done, and I will continue to fight for the taxpayers of Suffolk County.”