Raia: Our Drinking Water Should Not Be Compromised

A legislative column from Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C-East Northport)
May 24, 2012

Recently, residents have been writing in with concerns over the quality of our drinking water. Having high-quality drinking water is something that we’re proud of here on Long Island, and the protection of this critical resource should be among our highest priorities as public water suppliers serve more than 90 percent of Suffolk County's 1.45 million residents.

The integrity of our drinking water is vital to the health of Long Islanders and our families. This is why I have joined my colleague, Assemblyman Ed Ra, in co-sponsoring legislation that he has recently submitted – Assembly Bill A.10065. If passed, this legislation would call for a study of the effects of pesticides, such as Atrazine, Metalaxyl and Imidacloprid, on the Long Island Water Supply. The study also will determine the feasibility of banning such harmful pesticides.

Pesticides are hard for the common person to detect, and implementing a thorough study of Long Island’s public water supply will protect our local community from the harmful dangers that pesticides may pose in the short and long term. Pesticides found in drinking water can be harmful to your health. The toxicity of these pesticides and the amount detected determine if any negative health effects are likely. It is extremely important that we have the appropriate tests and studies conducted to ensure Long Island’s families are not being needlessly exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.