Goodell Sponsors Rifle Bill to Improve Hunting Safety

January 26, 2011

Assemblyman Goodell participates in the Assembly Minority’s second annual Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day.

As part of his ongoing efforts to protect the best interests of local sportsmen, Assemblyman Andy Goodell (R,C–Chautauqua County) announced his sponsorship of a bill that will permit the use of a rifle by hunters in Chautauqua County. Many other counties across the state allow rifles to be used by hunters, which is a safer alternative to the shotguns that are currently permitted.

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R, I, C - Gowanda), who represents seven towns in Chautauqua County, also will support local sportsmen as a co-sponsor of this legislation.

“Data indicates that hunting with a single-shot rifle is safer than using a shotgun,” said Goodell. “A rifle is much more accurate, the bullets are less likely to ricochet, and fewer shots are typically fired. This is a common-sense proposal that has received positive feedback from the sportsmen in Chautauqua County. Assemblyman Giglio and I intend to do everything in our power to make hunting safer and more enjoyable in Chautauqua County.”

Goodell also participated in the Assembly Minority's second annual Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day, held at the Legislative Office Building in Albany. Goodell expressed his support to local outdoor enthusiasts about the most important issues facing sportsmen and sportswomen in New York state.

“Today provided a unique opportunity for the proud sportsmen of Chautauqua County to make their voices heard,” said Goodell. “Hunting, fishing and other sporting ventures boost economic development by creating jobs, as well as through the many ways in which tourism drives business. The contributions from outdoor activities amount to more than $6 billion on an annual basis statewide and represent a very important component of the Chautauqua County economy. Sportsmen’s Day afforded me and my colleagues a chance to hear the concerns of those most closely involved in the proud traditions of New York’s outdoor enthusiasts, and the perspective gained by these discussions will directly influence policymaking decisions moving forward.”