Goodell Joins Fight For Mandate Relief

June 20, 2011

Assemblyman Andy Goodell joins his Assembly Minority colleagues at a press conference in support of mandate relief at the Capitol in Albany.

Assemblyman Andy Goodell (R,C – Chautauqua County) recently participated in a press conference highlighting the need to make mandate relief a top priority.

“Local taxpayers need real and meaningful tax relief,” said Goodell. “This can only occur when New York state eliminates the unfunded mandates that tie the hands of our school districts and local governments and drive up property taxes. Cost drivers such as Medicaid payments, pension contributions and fiscal reporting requirements are handed down from the state to localities that are forced to pass those expenses onto the taxpayer. Without mandate relief, our school districts and local governments will not be able to provide the savings Chautauqua County residents have rightly demanded. I urge the legislative leaders and my colleagues to pass substantial mandate relief before the conclusion of session this week so that we can make New York a more appealing place to families and businesses.”

Since arriving in the Assembly, Assemblyman Goodell has been a consistent supporter of mandate relief. He is the sponsor of numerous bills to reduce costs to localities, including legislation that will provide opt-out clauses for certain Medicaid requirements and allowing schools to share more services.