Assemblyman Brindisi: High-Tech Jobs Coming to the Mohawk Valley

September 27, 2011

“The governor’s announcement today that numerous high-tech companies will be bringing thousands of jobs to New York is good news for all. The commitment of these companies to making the Marcy NanoCenter at SUNY IT a reality marks the beginning of the Mohawk Valley’s course to economic recovery. Close to 450 high-tech jobs and roughly 400 construction jobs will be created, helping put local families back to work and securing the state – and our region – as a world leader in nanochip research, development and manufacturing. This two-phase initiative will expand the success of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and put New York on the map as the most competitive location for multi-billion dollar nanochip fabrication plants.

“As part of the deal there is also a $400 million ‘Made in NY’ commitment for tools and equipment to acquire high tech products from companies right here in New York. So not only are jobs being created, but the ‘Made in NY’ initiative will help support existing businesses and reaffirm our commitment to being a more business-friendly state.”