Lifton: Local School Districts Receive Additional Aid from Budget Agreement

March 31, 2005

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D-Tompkins/Cortland) announced that the Assembly and Senate today passed a budget plan that will provide over $848 million more in funding to public schools over last year’s level – approximately $354 million more than the governor proposed.

The bipartisan budget includes more than $5.1 million in additional state education aid to schools in Tompkins and Cortland counties over last year. Under the budget agreement:

  • Cortland receives an additional $1.09 million
  • McGraw $276,632
  • Homer $123,148Dryden $726,489
  • Groton $317,352
  • Ithaca $1.99 millionLansing $192,214Newfield $12,653
  • Trumansburg $416,640

"This additional state aid will help local schools provide a quality education while easing the burden on local taxpayers," Lifton said. "The Legislature’s budget invests in education and our children’s future."

The Legislature’s budget restores the governor’s cuts to various expense-based aids, funds that local schools already spent and for which they are entitled to state reimbursement, including BOCES services, transportation costs, and educating students with disabilities.

"The bipartisan legislative budget also helps high-need school districts – like Cortland, McGraw and Newfield – by providing each with 5 percent more in building aid reimbursements, helping to ensure our children have a safe, modern environment where they can focus on learning," Lifton said.

To ensure schools are spending tax dollars wisely, an additional $2.9 million was added to the state Comptroller’s office for additional school audits. The budget also includes $4.5 million in additional aid to local libraries vetoed by the governor last year.

"The Assembly and Senate passed a budget that not only invests in education and New York’s future, but is on-time," Lifton said. "It’s time the governor joined with the Legislature and supported this historic and fair state budget."