Lifton Appointed Chair of Task Force

June 2, 2005

Assembywoman Barbara Lifton (D-Tompkins/Cortland) has been appointed to chair the New York State Assembly Legislative Task Force on Women’s Issues. Established in 1981, the task force gives women a greater voice in state government by working closely with women’s and community groups, state agencies and elected officials to propose legislation for women.

"The privilege and responsibility to head this task force gives me the chance to promote women’s issues and to continue its good work in education, equal rights and family health," Lifton said.

Through the years, the task force has focused on a wide range of legislation that concerns women, including: pay equity, women in the workplace, child care, family health, and domestic violence. Most recently, the task force released a joint report titled Women and Technology In the 21st Century (, a summary of round table discussions focusing on the lack of women entering the fields of computers and biotechnology and the critical need for women to be prepared and succeed in these fields.

"Too often women lag behind in the world whether through unequal pay scales or an inability to keep pace with modern technology." Lifton said. "Technology plays an ever-increasing role in our economy and we need to address the lack of women’s participation in these fields. I look forward to working with members of the task force to address these and other important issues facing women in New York State."