Lifton Calls for More Time to Review Voting Machine Tests

CEMAC to vote on Thursday
December 9, 2009

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D/WF- 125th AD) on Monday proposed a 2-day delay for the Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee (CEMAC) to vote to make a recommendation to the State Board relative to the certification of two optical scan voting systems, the Dominion ImageCast and the ES&S DS200, currently being tested by New York State.

The Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee (CEMAC), to which Assemblywoman Lifton is Speaker Silver’s appointee, met in Albany on Monday to get a full report from the State Board, and their independent testing consultants, SysTest Labs, Inc. and NYSTEC. CEMAC went into a seven-hour Executive Session to review the preliminary examination findings related to the functional and security testing for both systems.

When they came out of the Executive Session, Assemblywoman Lifton proposed that Bo Lipari, the representative to CEMAC for the State League of Women Voters and a computer-software engineer, be allowed to spend two additional days at the State Board of Elections (SBOE) to further review the testing results and report back to CEMAC about whether there were any remaining issues. In light of the significant amount of test materials to be evaluated, Assemblywoman Lifton proposed that time be provided for that consideration.

CEMAC will continue to evaluate preliminary testing materials and will meet on Thursday, December 10th to provide its recommendation for consideration by the Commissioners of the State Board at their meeting on December 15th.