Lifton Statement on Times Union DEC Article

June 28, 2012

Assemblywoman Lifton (D/WF 125) released the following statement regarding yesterday’s Albany Times Union report that revealed that the DEC allowed the industry an advanced look at proposed fracking regulations.

“I am very disturbed to learn that the State Department of Environmental Conservation actively sought out gas industry representatives to help draft its proposed shale fracking regulations, prior to disclosure for full public review. The purpose of the SGEIS rulemaking process is to provide transparency and public input, so that the facts and science are carefully considered without undue outside influence. This special access granted to the regulated industry highlights that the DEC is listening to concerns about costs, yet have not responded to the concerns of legislators and the larger public for an independent health impact assessment and an understanding of the effects on property values and mortgages for millions of New Yorkers.

I also reiterate my request that Governor Cuomo send the Executive Order No. 41 proceeding "back to the drawing board" in order to make sure that the shale gas industry will be regulated without the taint of corruption. Until that is achieved, I firmly believe that New York's shale gas fracking moratorium must not be lifted.”