Assemblywoman Clark: Where Are the State’s Priorities?

March 16, 2006
Albany, NY--Assemblywoman Clark joined fellow members of the NYS Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus; Gerri Palast, Executive Director of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc.; Billy Easton, Executive Director of the Alliance for Quality Education, and other colleagues, to state their opposition to the Governor’s proposed education budget and continued disregard to fulfill the New York State Supreme Court ruling in favor of C.F.E. “New York State owed New York City’s Public Schools a total of $5.6 billion dollars last year. This year, the balance remains past due.” Clark said. “The Board of Regents has set academic standards that must be met by all of the children of the state. I can describe it as nothing other than criminal when the Governor has proposed less than $300 million in his 2006-2007 budget for education.”

As one of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc.’s earliest advocates, Clark is fully aware of the frustrations C.F.E. supporters face. She is the only member of the New York State Legislature who testified on behalf of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. in the State Supreme Court. “The State of New York is constitutionally responsible for educating students so that they may thrive in a growing global economy. It is discomforting that at a time when there is an estimated $2 billion budget surplus, significant funding is being found for everything from STAR to economic development to tax cuts, and the leftovers are continuously given to our children. There has to be a shift in the state’s priorities if we permit our children, future tax payers, to be marginalized.”