Assemblywoman Clark Continues the Fight for Education on the National Level as a Commissioner of Education Commissions of the States

March 30, 2012
Assemblywoman Clark with fellow members of ECS executive committee presenting award at the 2011 National Forum

In 2008, Assemblywoman Clark was elected the 2008-2010 Vice Chair of the Education Commission of the States (ECS), the highest position a legislator can serve within the organization. Prior to her election as Vice Chair, she served two terms on ECS's Steering Committee and ten years as New York State’s Commissioner to the organization. Presently, she continues to serve as a State Commissioner and is a member of ECS’s Executive Committee, the Vice Chair of the organization’s Nominating Committee and a member of the ECS National Center for Learning and Citizenship (NCLC).

ECS Commissioners provide leadership for ECS initiatives as well as for their states' education agendas. Because they understand the substance of education issues and the process and politics of change, they can help bridge the gap between good ideas and effective education policy. ECS commissioners can contribute to productive dialogue and collaborative activities between educators and policymakers as they work with ECS to create a climate for change and improvement in public education.

Each state and territory is represented by its governor and six other commissioners – typically legislators, higher education officials, state superintendents and business/community leaders – who are appointed by the governor.

According to Assemblywoman Clark “It is an honor to continue to represent our state as an ECS commissioner. Disproportionately, the high-need kids – special education kids, kids who speak limited English or no English at all and kids in poverty – are concentrated in the lowest-performing schools, and this phenomenon exist all over our country. There are huge equity issues in Public Schools that I will continue to combat both on the state level and the national level”.