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Bill Nojay
Assembly District 133
Dear Neighbor,

I am honored to serve on your behalf in the State Assembly. I hope that my time in Albany will help bring the reforms that will turn the economy of Upstate New York around. The fact that the Upstate economy is struggling is a reality we all feel. The proof lies in the numbers. At a time when the population of the United States is growing, the population of Upstate has remained constant. This means people are moving out of Upstate to areas with more favorable economic climates. If we want our communities to survive as we know them, serious action is needed in Albany.

The residents of Upstate are being driven out by highest-in-the-nation taxes, an oppressive anti-business climate and, more recently, government restrictions on our Constitutional rights. Our people are being forced to make economic decisions for their families that are ripping our communities apart. It makes sense for people to head south to states where there are more jobs and they get to keep more of their paychecks. It is a trend that needs to be reversed. New York needs to become a state that encourages people to stay with lower taxes, more jobs and more freedom.

Thank you for visiting my Assembly website. As your representative, I am here to serve the people who elected me. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about how we can make New York a great place to live, please contact me, and let me know what I can do to help.

Assemblyman Bill Nojay

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Assemblyman Bill Nojay speaks at a press conference calling for restoration of $90 million that was cut from services for people with developmental disabilities.

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District Office
3011 Rochester Road
Suite #3
Lakeville, NY 14480
Fax: 585-346-0011
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Albany Office
LOB 527
Albany, NY 12248
Fax: 518-455-5918
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