Oaks Joins Assembly Minority Conference to Unveil ‘Blueprint’ for Improving State Government

January 13, 2005

Assemblyman Robert Oaks (R,C-Macedon) joined Minority Leader Charles H. Nesbitt and the members of the Assembly minority conference to unveil "Excelsior 2005: A Blueprint for Growth and Reform in the Empire State."

"Excelsior 2005 would ensure change in Albany," Oaks said. "We will continue to work hard to bring reform to Albany, and the Excelsior plan details how we are working to do so."

Oaks went on to explain the five-point plan that is focused on reforming state government and other important measures to positively impact the lives of all New Yorkers:

Less intrusive, more efficient government: Excelsior calls for reforming Assembly rules, the state budget process, public authorities, government debt, Medicaid and local government mandates.

Opportunities for work and prosperity: These proposals center on the need to reduce the cost of doing business in state by reducing energy costs, taxes and regulations, including workers’ compensation.

Ensuring a quality education for our children: The future of our state depends on the education of our children. These measures promote an equitable school aid formula, mandate relief, technology upgrades and restoration of comprehensive operating aid.

Safer Communities: Bold steps are necessary to provide for the safety of residents. These proposals would make our streets safer by enacting measures to prevent terrorism, targeting urban crime and the growing methamphetamine problem, and strengthening penalties for sex crimes. The plan also addresses the need to fix the death penalty loophole.

Protecting our quality of life: Innovative approaches are necessary to enhance the quality of life for New Yorkers. Proposals deal with availability and affordability of housing and health care. Support for active duty National Guard members and other veterans is included in this proposal.

Copies of the entire plan are available by contacting Assemblyman Oaks’ district office at (315) 946-5166.