Oaks Calls On Blood Donors To Help New York

July 26, 2005

Assemblyman and Deputy Minority Leader Robert Oaks (R,C-Macedon) noted today there is a severe shortage of blood in area bloodbanks, forcing the American Red Cross to ration its supplies in Central New York.

Oaks noted there is less than a two-day supply of some types of blood, and the amount of O negative and O positive blood types is at a dangerously low level.

"Blood levels are at a critical level, so I encourage every New Yorker who is able to donate blood today," Oaks said. "When you donate blood, you’re helping save human lives and giving back to the community."

Giving blood will ensure that the safest possible blood supply is readily available whenever and wherever needed, whether that it is for local use, for our military, for other blood centers or over 5,000 hospitals nationwide.

According to the Red Cross Web site, people can safely donate blood every 56 days. For more information on donating blood, visit their Web site or call toll-free (800) GIVE-LIFE (448-3543).