Oaks Declares Victory For New Yorkers’ Safety

December 22, 2005

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon) says the streets and communities of New York state are safer now thanks to the passage of two new laws increasing penalties for illegal gun trafficking and assaulting police officers. Gov. George Pataki, the state Senate and Assembly were able to come to an agreement today during a special session of the Legislature.

The Assembly minority first asked the ‘Governor’ to call a special session two weeks ago to address this growing problem in New York. Although similar legislation has been passed by the Senate but thwarted year after year by the Assembly majority, the governor’s call for a ‘special’ session on Dec. 21 forced the Assembly majority to focus on these issues before the end of the year.

“Prior penalties did little to impact illegal gun trafficking in ‘our’ state or to protect our police officers,” said Oaks. “For the sale or possession of up to 19 illegal firearms, criminals faced only a Class A misdemeanor and a sentence similar to that for shoplifting.”

The new laws dramatically increase penalties for the sale and possession of illegal firearms, as well as create harsher penalties for crimes against law enforcement personnel.

“With these new laws, I am confident that criminals will think differently before they try to obtain and use an illegal gun or harm a police officer,” concluded Assemblyman Oaks.