Statement by Assemblyman Bob Oaks on Governor Pataki’s “State of the State” Address

January 4, 2006

Gov. George Pataki delivered his 12th annual “State of the State” address on Wednesday afternoon and gave notice that even though this is his last year in office, he has planned an aggressive agenda for 2006. I commend Governor Pataki for his leadership and setting a strong tone for the year ahead.

During Governor Pataki’s 12 years in office, we have become a safer, cleaner, more prosperous state and his goals for 2006 will continue to lead us toward further progress on his on going vision for New York. In the upcoming legislative session, Governor Pataki will be pushing for: the passage of civil confinement legislation for sexual predators, expanding the STAR program for school property tax relief, income tax cuts, tax credits for heating fuel, elimination of the marriage tax penalty, and the expansion of high-tech education and job opportunities.

It is my hope that the positive tone that was set forth in the Governor’s speech will lead toward a productive 2006 legislative session.