Statement from Assemblyman Oaks

January 18, 2006

Today’s tough new measure improving Megan’s Law sex offender registration requirements will ensure that parents and law enforcement personnel continue to get the tools they need to protect those most vulnerable from sexual predators.

Residents across my district have been signing my petitions demanding the Assembly majority pass measures to strengthen Megan’s Law. One of those measures would require lifetime registration for all sex offenders on the state Sex Offender Registry. Though not as strong as our proposal, today’s agreement to require lifetime registration of Level 2, as well as Level 3, sex offenders and 20-year registration of Level 1 sex offenders is an important first step. It also ensures that Megan’s Law will not expire on January 21 and we will no longer be at risk of having convicted sex offenders inappropriately dropped from the list.

I am pleased the Assembly Speaker responded to our request last week for a conference committee to be convened to address this issue. The conference committee process worked, and the full Assembly and Senate passed this bill to strengthen Megan’s Law, without opposition.

I am hopeful this is the first of many measures the Assembly will pass this year to protect children and women from pedophiles and sexual predators.