Oaks Calls for Action on “Chronic Criminal Act”

Oaks co-sponsors bill to establish Class E felony offense of Aggravated Criminal Conduct
February 28, 2007

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon) joined his Assembly minority colleagues today at an Albany press conference to call for action on the Chronic Criminal Act, which would create the crime of aggravated criminal conduct.

Oaks is the co-sponsor of legislation that would create the Class E felony offense of aggravated criminal conduct for individuals who are convicted of a Class A misdemeanor after having been convicted of three or more qualifying misdemeanors or felonies within the previous ten years. Those convicted under this legislation would face up to four years in state prison. “This bill would enable courts to impose felony sanctions on chronic misdemeanor offenders and would significantly enhance public safety,” said Oaks.

“The Chronic Criminal Act would work to reduce the number of repeat misdemeanor offenders in our state by creating the crime of aggravated criminal conduct,” said Oaks. “With this new felony offense, courts will have the ability to impose felony sanctions on repeat misdemeanor offenders. Protecting New York’s children and families is one of my top priorities and this measure would provide further protection. I hope my colleagues in the Assembly will support this critical legislation.”

Under current law, repeat offenders convicted of several felonies receive stricter penalties at sentencing; however, offenders convicted of multiple misdemeanors do not. Oaks added that the Chronic Criminal Act would impose harsher penalties on repeat offenders and would keep them in prison and off our streets.