Oaks Announces Over $250,000 in Grants For Wayne County

June 23, 2007

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon) today announced over $250,000 in state grants for local governments and school districts in Wayne County. The grants come from the New York State Archives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of preserving the region’s historical and municipal records.

"This is an excellent program that will ensure important records and information are properly stored, protected, and available to the public," said Oaks. "The grants will help improve the recipients’ recordkeeping systems."

According to Oaks, school districts and local governments that receive these grants will help establish records and management programs to improve existing programs and fund a variety of related activities of preserving and updating records. For the first time, three of the Wayne County grants are to establish Geographic Information System’s in the Towns of Macedon and Ontario and the Village of Lyons. The Lyons School District’s grant is for microfilming records and the Village of Macedon’s grant is for inventory and planning of records storage.

The grant money comes from the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund, established in 1989 by the state Legislature. Money for the fund comes from a portion of the fees charged by county clerks throughout the state and the New York City Register for the filing and recording of documents by the public.

This year’s grants will be distributed to:

Village of Lyons - $46, 350

Town of Macedon - $72,000

Town of Ontario - $62,266

Lyons Central School District - $58,387

Village of Macedon - $15,502