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Bob Oaks
Assembly District 130
Oaks to Spitzer: Donít Punish Our Communities
October 18, 2007

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon) today called for Governor Eliot Spitzer to honor member-item commitments made to localities across the state and here in Wayne County. The announcement comes on the heels of Spitzerís office announcing the elimination of a community grant for the Village of Palmyra, in apparent reaction for opposition to the Governorís new policy to allow illegal immigrants to obtain New York state driverís licenses.

Assemblyman Oaks awarded the village of Palmyra with $10,800 in grants to establish two tri-corner kiosks in the village that display a map for visitors, display community events and notices and give a history lesson to visitors. The grant also provided resources for the village to help fund the demolition of a building along the villageís canal front.

ďAs an assemblyman, I have partnered with municipalities, police and fire departments, ambulance corps and various other not-for-profits across my district to issue community grants. It has never been a question of partisanship; itís a matter of helping localities that are already overburdened with high taxes and working with them to improve their communities,Ē said Assemblyman Oaks.

ďThe Village of Palmyra did nothing wrong, they were promised this grant, and up until today the state had every intention of funding the grant. Governor Spitzer is not only taking that promise away, but he is sticking the taxpayers of Palmyra with the bill,Ē continued Oaks, referring to the already built and installed community kiosks.

ďMy political beliefs and governing are two very different things. Just because I disagree with Spitzerís plan to issue driverís licenses to illegal aliens doesnít mean that Palmyra should have to raise taxes to cover a grant that the governor reneged on because of my stance on this issue,Ē concluded Oaks.

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