Oaks Presents Barbara Isaman-Bushart With The Excelsior Award for Excellence

June 4, 2008

During an awards ceremony held today at the State Capitol, Assemblyman Robert C. Oaks (R,C-Macedon) presented Barbara Isaman-Bushart of Marion with the 2008 “Excelsior Award for Excellence.” This award is presented to individuals who have overcome physical or other personal challenges to achieve great accomplishments and serve others in the community.

“Barbara, who is a late-deafened adult, has overcome obstacles and has chosen to give back to the community by going into the field of social work and has worked in our region in service development for deaf, deaf/blind and hard of hearing individuals for over a decade. Currently, she is working at Unity Health Systems developing a program for in-home care for deaf individuals and working with those experiencing hearing loss to assist them in adjusting to that challenge. Barbara is also an advocate for state legislation, which would require insurance policies in New York state to provide a portion of coverage for the purchase of hearing aids to those who need them. I am honored to present Barbara with this award because her life story is truly inspirational to all of us, and I am glad that I could thank her in this way,” stated Oaks.

Today’s ceremony was the sixth annual event with many Assembly members taking part to recognize amazing individuals within their communities.