Wayne County’s Oldest Veteran Honored at 100th Birthday Party

August 28, 2008

Bernie VandenBussche of Newark was honored on July 27th at a birthday celebration at the Wayne County Nursing Home attended by over 70 family and friends.

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (far right) presented VandenBussche (center) with a joint New York State Assembly/Senate Resolution co-sponsored by Senator Nozzolio. In addition, Oaks provided VandenBussche with a United States flag secured by Congressman Jim Walsh, which had flown over the United States Capitol. Other recognitions included a birthday card from President Bush, a letter from Gov. Paterson and numerous other cards and notes.

Mr. VandenBussche lived independently until earlier this summer when he moved into the Wayne County Nursing Home.

The party was organized by proud family members: granddaughter Chris Spencer (far left), daughter Patti DeMay (2nd from the left) and daughter Betty Spencer (2nd from the right).