Oaks Calls for End to Secrecy in Budget Talks

March 25, 2009

Assemblyman Robert C. Oaks (R,C-Macedon) joined with his Minority colleagues in both the state Senate and Assembly to voice their frustration and outrage with the current budget process. Oaks called for secret budget negotiations to come to an end and for immediate transparency in all aspects of completing an on-time budget. Currently, all budget negotiations are being conducted behind closed doors between Governor Paterson, Senate Majority Leader Smith and Assembly Speaker Silver, all from New York City, with the minority parties in both houses being shut out.

“In addition to the closed process, I am very concerned about the product of these secret negotiations,” said Oaks. “In the midst of our country’s worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression, with companies making difficult decisions and with families being forced to reduce their budgets, it appears the Governor and the majorities in both houses have found a way to continue to increase spending well above the rate of inflation, increase taxes and fees that will extract more money out of every New Yorker and borrow money at historic levels.

“Unless we force them to change their course of action, we will have major budget problems in the short-term and disaster in the long run,” said Oaks. We need to tackle the state’s spending issues head on and work in a bipartisan manner to ensure a timely budget is passed with the greatest benefit to all New Yorkers,” concluded Oaks.