Oaks And Jankowski Join Efforts To Stop New License Plates

Assemblyman calls for Legislature to cut governor’s proposed new license plate program
November 13, 2009

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C, -Macedon) and Wayne County Clerk Mike Jankowski joined a statewide effort to stop the governor’s plan to issue new license plates throughout New York State next year; a great expense to local taxpayers.

Wayne County Clerk Mike Jankowski is collecting signatures of area residents at the Lyons DMV Office who agree that now is not the time to require new fees across the state. Assemblyman Oaks has expressed his opposition to the plan through letters to the governor, Speaker of the Assembly and Senate Majority Leader.

It is widely understood that the plan was placed in the 2009-10 budget as a means to raise an additional $130 million in revenue, not because the existing plates are unreadable or because the state is running out of available alpha-numeric combinations.

“Usually, a new plate series is issued every ten years,” said County Clerk Jankowski. “It has been only eight years since the current series was first issued. This is clearly a money grab by the state.”

The license plate re-issuance was one of the numerous tax and fee hikes included in this year’s budget. This fee is especially harmful to Upstate citizens who rely on their cars as a main source of transportation, more so than residents from Downstate.

“It is one of the many reasons I voted against the state budget back in April and why we continue to have a fiscal crisis in the state,” said Assemblyman Oaks.

The proposed new license plate program, which is set to begin in April 2010, would force all New York state vehicle owners to purchase a new license plate costing $25. This measure compounds the DMV fee increases already enacted as part of the 2009-10 budget, which includes a 25% increase in the cost of vehicle registration and driver licenses.

“Now is not the time to implement this new requirement on the backs of beleaguered taxpayers so we called on the governor and the Legislature to withdraw this program, which would put an unwarranted cost on the people of Wayne County,” stated Oaks and Jankowski.

Petitions are available to be signed on-line by going to http://co.wayne.ny.us/ petition/ or in person at the Wayne County DMV office in Lyons.