Assemblyman Oaks Meets with Western Wayne County Officials

February 2, 2011

From the left, Sodus Village Mayor Kelley Allen, Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski, Palmyra Town Supervisor Ken Miller, Assemblyman Robert Oaks, Macedon Village Trustee Marcy Frey, Macedon Town Supervisor William Hammond, Marion Town Supervisor Jolene Bender and Walworth Town Supervisor Robert Plant.

WALWORTH – A proposed property tax cap, as well as state mandate relief, were among the topics that local government officials discussed with state Assemblyman Robert Oaks (R-C Macedon) at a meeting he hosted Jan. 27 at Carey Lake in Walworth.

The assemblyman invited representatives to give them an opportunity to hear firsthand about critical issues on the agenda in Albany that will impact localities in the 128th Assembly District. He also wanted the representatives to share their input on mandates that should be targeted for relief as part of the 2011-12 state budget.

Assemblyman Oaks said with the idea of reform gaining traction in Albany, “this might be our one bite at the apple” for a chance to make changes.

Questions about highway funding, trimming Medicaid, getting a handle on retirement costs and assuring that state funds promised to municipalities are delivered in a timely fashion were some of the topics that the local representatives raised with Assemblyman Oaks.

Several officials said they appreciated being able to meet with the assemblyman in a small group atmosphere, where they could ask questions and share concerns about issues facing Wayne County and their individual municipalities.

Assemblyman Oaks said he would continue discussions with representatives regarding the state budget and how it will impact localities.