Assemblyman Oaks Comments on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2011-12 Executive Budget

Statement from Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon)
February 1, 2011

“Our state is faced with an enormous fiscal problem and it is vital that we cut spending and reduce taxes to reverse the trend of businesses and residents fleeing our state for greater opportunity elsewhere. Governor Cuomo’s 2011-12 state budget proposal is a dose of reality and begins to reverse the years of unsustainable state spending. At the same time, I am concerned with some of the initial budget numbers. I have been calling for a fair and open budget process that does not unduly impact one region greater than another. A quick review of the Governor’s school aid proposal shows our area districts receiving cuts significantly greater than the 2.9 percent he described as the state average. The governor also did not propose desperately needed mandate relief for schools and local governments as part of his budget. They need the flexibility to be able to deal effectively with the Governor’s proposed cuts. “