Assemblyman Oaks Announces Construction Grant Awards For Libraries In The 128th Assembly District

$283,477 will go to libraries in Lyons, Red Creek, Sodus and Hannibal
May 8, 2012

Assemblyman and Ranking Minority Member of the Ways and Means Committee, Robert Oaks (R,C-Macedon), has announced that the Lyons Public Library, the Red Creek Free Library, the Sodus Community Library and the Hannibal Free Library have been awarded a total of $283,477. The funds will pay for physical improvements to the buildings that will enhance service to library patrons.

The grants are from $14 million in capital funds for public library construction provided in the 2011 State Budget.

"I am happy to announce this funding," Assemblyman Oaks said. "Many of our local libraries are in need of renovation and upgrading. Libraries in rural communities are very heavily used for many reasons. They have become important meeting places as well as places for everything from finding reading materials to having access to public computers. It is heartening to see this kind of financial support for physical improvements that will help make libraries even better community resources."

  • Lyons Public Library will receive $27,747. The money will pay for an elevator installation to make the library ADA compliant, thereby improving access and use of building services by all library users, including those with physical disabilities. The main library building was constructed as an add-on to the former Barber Hospital in 2007.
  • Red Creek Free Library will receive $34,281 to purchase an adjacent two-story building that will expand the current library, the second smallest in the Pioneer Library System. The building that will be used for the expansion is a long-vacant bank in the village.
  • Sodus Community Library will receive $191,055 to construct an addition to connect its existing building with an adjacent building, thereby increasing the effectiveness of library service due to a larger building space and capacity.
  • Hannibal Free Library received $30,394 for a 22-foot-by-12-foot addition that also incorporates an 18-foot-by-8-foot existing garage for storage and office areas, to increase the effectiveness of library service through increased and improved building space and capacity.

Project activities and expenditures eligible for grants from the $14 million Public Library Construction Grant Program include financing construction of new library buildings, construction of additions to existing buildings, and the renovation and/or rehabilitation of existing space, including roof replacements, purchase and installation of alternative energy resources and new HVAC systems, windows, doors, lighting systems, electrical upgrades, construction of new or replacement of old walkways and parking lots. New furniture, shelving and equipment, including computer equipment, can be purchased for new or newly reconfigured or renovated space. Renovations designed to provide accessibility for patrons with disabilities is a high priority.