Oaks Announces Availability of SUNY Maritime Scholarship

2-year scholarship will be awarded to exceptional student
February 24, 2004

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C – Macedon), said that he looks forward to nominating one student from the region for a scholarship to the SUNY Maritime College this fall.

"Last year, legislation was passed that created the Cadet Scholarship Program, which offers a two-year scholarship for students attending the Maritime College," Oaks said. "I am pleased to participate in our state’s commitment to a quality education for students at all levels and anticipate an extraordinary pool of applicants for this year’s scholarship."

Oaks said the course of study is intended for the Regiment of Cadets, and prepares students for licensure through the U.S. Coast Guard. SUNY Maritime College’s curriculum combines classroom instruction with international travel aboard a training vessel. The program has a success rate of 100 percent career placement for its graduates, with most students landing jobs in business and the armed services.

According to the assemblyman, qualified students must have at least a 1200 SAT score, and an 85 percent GPA, be planning on attending college as first-time students, and be a resident of New York state for at least one year prior to the August enrollment start date. Applicants must complete the Maritime College application and the Cadet Appointment Program application by March 30, 2004.

Following the student application process, Oaks said, the Maritime College will send the applications of qualified students to Oaks’ district office. There he will carefully review each candidate for the final nomination. The selected student will need to maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA at the college to retain the scholarship.

"I am honored to participate in this nominating process and have tremendous regard for the SUNY Maritime College program," Oaks said. "Not only do students receive a quality education, they are provided with the necessary leadership and character skills that will make them tomorrow’s leaders. The scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students who have the ambition to take on that responsibility."

For further information about the Cadet Appointment Program, contact the SUNY Maritime College office of admissions at (718) 409-7720 or visit the Web site at www.sunymaritime.edu.