Assemblyman Brian Curran Reacts To Assembly Budget Resolution

Statement on Budget Resolution’s Shortfalls
March 15, 2011

Although there are some positive aspects of the Assembly Majority’s budget resolution, it is not the direction in which New York needs to go. It is my opinion that Nassau County still is not receiving its fair share of school aid and this proposed spending plan does nothing to change my mind. The cuts to veterans’ nursing homes were not restored in the Assembly Majority’s budget resolution and that is unacceptable. Our veterans need to be a top priority.

I made two critical promises to the families and taxpayers I was elected to serve: One, not to increase spending; and two, no new taxes. This resolution flies in the face of those promises by increasing taxes by $4.9 billion, a whopping $15 billion in tax increases over the past three years. These taxes include a millionaire’s tax, baby tax, and x-ray tax. The budget resolution also increased spending by half a billion more than Governor Cuomo’s budget. This is unacceptable, and I cannot support measures that will inhibit New York on its way to financial recovery.