Curran Bill Is “Rx” For Consumer Choice

Assemblyman advocates for elderly, small businesses with prescription measure
June 29, 2011

Recently, Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 14th A.D.) voted to pass his co-sponsored legislation that allows consumers more control over where they get their prescription medications. Assembly bill 5502 passed the Assembly with a unanimous vote. If enacted into law, it would prevent health insurers from mandating that certain prescription drugs be purchased through mail-order pharmacies.

“This bill expands consumer choice and protects small-business owners,” said Curran. “Medical consumers such as senior citizens feel more comfortable getting their prescription drugs from a neighborhood pharmacy so they have the opportunity to discuss their dosage with a pharmacist. My bill ensures medical safety and protects Long Island’s elderly citizens.”

This bill recognizes that many consumers, especially senior citizens, rely on their local pharmacist to monitor the regimen of drugs they take. A mandated purchase by mail denies them this important service and can sometimes lead to confusion about dosage or even serious injury.

“It is unreasonable to require that consumers only receive their prescription drugs through a mail-order program when many do not feel comfortable doing so. My legislation lifts an unnecessary restriction and gives consumers more choices,” said Curran.