Curran: Economy Key Issue In 2012

Statement from Assemblyman Brian Curran on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State
January 4, 2012

The biggest challenge facing New York is the stagnant economy. The economic development proposed by Governor Cuomo is a move in the right direction to get the Empire State back on track and creating jobs. The focus on public-private partnerships will enhance our state’s economy, employ more New Yorkers and generate revenue necessary to fund essential services. Stimulating New York’s economy without putting the public further into debt is a sensitive balance that public-private partnerships can provide.

Governor Cuomo also discussed pension reform, which must be dealt with in the upcoming legislative session. It is crucial to the future of our state that sensible and comprehensive pension reforms be implemented this year. Although mandate relief was not discussed in the State of the State, it is a very important issue for school districts and local governments, especially in light of the recently enacted property tax cap.

After a productive 2011, we have to push forward and remember there are still many important tasks at hand and a long road ahead. In the upcoming legislative session, we must continue to be fiscally responsible and not raise taxes on New Yorkers or increase state spending. It is paramount that we focus on the economy and pass an on-time, balanced budget.