Federal Study For Airplane Noise

Assemblyman Curran demands that FAA and Port Authority stop airplane noise problem
August 30, 2012

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook-14th A.D.) today called on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Port Authority to hold their pilots accountable for unnecessary low-altitude flying, which has created an unwelcome abundance of noise pollution in the community.

“My office has received countless complaints of airplane noise created by low-flying planes as they approach nearby airfields. It has come to my attention that many pilots are knowingly violating mandatory altitude restrictions and affecting the safety and comfort of our neighbors. It is the responsibility of the FAA and the Port Authority to hold these pilots accountable. Scofflaw pilots must be fined for illegal low-altitude approaches to John F. Kennedy Airport, period,” said Curran.

The Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee’s (TVASNAC) latest meeting was held on Monday, August 27. Scheduled speaker Henry A.F. Young, an aviation consultant from Manhasset’s Young Environmental Sciences, discussed Federal Aviation Regulation Part 150.

This law would provide extensive study of the volume and origin of noise in Lynbrook and communities, and specifically targets airports and the noise airport activities cause in surrounding neighborhoods.

“Securing a federal study of our airplane-related noise pollution will be an excellent way to begin the process of moving forward with our ultimate goal of addressing low-flying planes and the excessive and incessant noise they create. With a federal study backing our community’s complaints, the FAA and Port Authority would finally have to crack down on pilots’ unnecessary approach behaviors,” said Curran.

“The outstanding and comprehensive work done by Kendall W. Lampkin, (Executive Director of TVASNAC) and Kate Murray (Town of Hempstead Supervisor), on behalf of the local communities, is truly commendable. I hope to continue to work with them and match their enthusiasm and vigor in finding a resolution to this noise problem,” said Curran.