Curran: Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Noise Pollution Study by the Port Authority

June 20, 2013

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook-21st AD) co-sponsored and passed, along with other members of the Assembly, a bill to require the Port Authority to begin a study of noise pollution from low-flying planes (Federal Aviation Regulation Part 150 study).

“Last year, Kendall Lampkin, Executive Director of the Town-Village Safety and Noise Abatement Committee; Kate Murray, Town of Hempstead Supervisor; and I met with concerned residents in the community to address issues with low-flying aircraft and the excessive and incessant noise they create. Because of these public meetings and the countless complaints received by my office, we decided to take action, and I was happy to co-sponsor this study to get results.

“We ultimately passed legislation to require the Port Authority to conduct a federal aviation noise and land use compatibility study and now wait upon the New Jersey legislature, who must also pass the measure because the Port Authority is a dual state entity,” said Curran.

A Federal Aviation Regulation Part 150 study will evaluate the potential to reduce aircraft noise exposure in the vicinity of an airport. Part of the study’s objective is to provide a menu of actions that the FAA, airport operators, airlines using the airport, and communities in the vicinity of an airport can perform to reduce aircraft noise exposure. These actions can include measures such as:

  • Preferential runway use;
  • Land acquisition and relocation;
  • Noise Insulation;
  • Area Navigation; and
  • limit the potential for land uses in areas incompatible with aircraft noise.

“It was brought to my attention last year that many pilots were knowingly violating mandatory altitude restrictions and affecting the safety and comfort of our communities. This issue required action from the community and local elected officials. I was proud to be part of a dedicated group of caring residents who have remained persistent in getting this issue addressed. It is regrettable that legislation was needed to get the FAA and Port Authority to act responsibly and address our numerous concerns, but it is heartening to know that this long-standing issue will finally be resolved,” said Curran.