Kavanagh Fights for Accountability and Affordable Tickets at Subsidized Stadium and Arena Projects

March 6, 2009

On March 6, 2009, Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh participated in the Assembly Corporations and Cities Committee’s second public hearing to discuss the public benefits that have been extended to support construction of the New York Yankees new stadium. The committees heard testimony from New York Yankees President Randy Levine as a follow-up to a January 14th hearing to explore a series of policy and legal issues raised by the benefits granted by the NYC IDA and other government agencies.

Kavanagh focused his questions on bill A00508, which would limit ticket price increases by sports franchises that have received public subsidies for their facilities and require that a percentage of tickets at these facilities be sold at prices affordable to people with modest means. The bill, which Kavanagh reintroduced in January, has widespread bi-partisan support in the Assembly with over 60 co-sponsors, and is currently before the Ways and Means Committee; it is expected to be introduced in the State Senate soon. The bill has also received widespread media attention, including coverage on ABC Channel 7 television news, National Public Radio, the Daily News, and the New York Post – attesting to the intense public interest in the issue.