Kolb Named Chairman of Conference’s Program Committee

Assemblyman also appointed ranking minority member of Assembly Energy Committee
January 14, 2005

Assemblyman Brian M. Kolb (R,C–Canandaigua) announced today that he will serve as the chairman of the Assembly Minority Program Committee and as the ranking minority member on the Assembly Energy Committee for the current legislative session.

Kolb also joins the Labor Committee, as a member, and will return to serve on the Tourism, Arts and Sports Development Committee and the Higher Education Committee. Assemblyman Kolb also serves as the chairman of the Task Force on Manufacturing.

"Committees offer a unique opportunity to craft legislation before it reaches the floor," Kolb went on to say. "This is a great opportunity to influence important legislation that affects all New Yorkers.

"As ranking minority member of the Energy Committee, I know that we have a lot of work to do this year," Kolb stated. "I look forward to working in my new capacity on important energy issues facing New Yorkers, such as increasing generating energy capacity, enhancing conservation efforts and renewing the Article X legislation, which regulates the siting of new power generating facilities."

Kolb, who served as vice chairman of the Program Committee in the previous legislative session, expressed his enthusiasm about taking on his new role as chairman.

"The Program Committee is an important vehicle to communicate with local government and civic leaders," Kolb said. "I am going to travel the state with my colleagues this year fighting for the reform and the results that New Yorkers deserve."

Kolb said he expects the Minority Program and Steering committees to address important issues such as Medicaid and budget reform this term. The Program Committee is generally responsible for promoting Assembly minority initiatives on a statewide level, typically by attending editorial boards, holding press conferences and meeting with local officials.

"We have achieved some of the reforms that the Assembly minority conference has been pushing for years," Kolb said. "There is more work for us to do, and we will on the Program Committee be working hard toward reform.