Kolb Champions On-Time State Budget, Reform

Introduces Plan to Pass Budget by April 1st every year
January 30, 2006

Assemblyman Brian M. Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua) today joined his Assembly minority colleagues to introduce a series of budget reform measures that would result in on-time state budgets this and every year.

“It’s critical to our state’s economy that the Legislature passes a state budget when it’s due on April 1st every year,” said Assemblyman Kolb. “If businesses and taxpayers are responsible for paying their bills on time, than so should state government. By enacting this strong budget reform plan, we seek to ensure there are preliminary deadlines throughout the process, and clear consequences for failing to meet them.”

Public outcry and two decades of statewide frustration provided enough pressure to get the job done last year. But clearly those variables cannot be considered lasting reforms, Kolb noted. The Assembly minority conference’s plan would ensure late state budgets are a part of the past – permanently.

Components of the plan:

  • State Comptroller intervention with a binding revenue estimate if a consensus is not reached by March 10th.
  • Budget Conference Committees convened by March 15th.
  • Increase the Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund.
  • Provide a plain-language summary of the budget 48 hours prior to a vote.
  • If a new budget is not yet in place, enact the previous year’s budget no later than 72 hours after the start of a new fiscal year.
  • Prohibit consideration of non-budget bills after April 1st until the budget is adopted.
  • Require two-year education funding.
  • Prohibit any legislative recess until a late budget is approved.