Kolb Calls for Stronger Property Tax Relief

March 13, 2006

Assemblyman Brian Kolb (R,C-Canandaigua) stood with his Assembly minority colleagues today in criticizing a majority tax relief proposal introduced earlier as part of the majority’s state budget proposal.

The Assembly minority two months ago began calling for property tax relief, whereas the Assembly majority has only recently acknowledged the issue with a “weak” proposal that amounts to less than half the benefits that would be realized under the minority plan, added Kolb.

“The Assembly majority’s plan fails to provide working families with the tax relief they so desperately need,” said Kolb. “Our plan would provide New York property taxpayers with billions of dollars in savings.” He noted the Assembly minority tax relief plan is more than twice as large as the majority proposal ($2 billion to $900 million) and is more inclusive.

Kolb and his Assembly minority colleagues today urged Speaker Sheldon Silver and his majority members to pass the tax cut proposals outlined in Restore New York, the Assembly minority plan to cut taxes and reform government.

The Assembly minority tax relief proposal includes restoration of state aid for school districts, enhancements to the School Tax Relief (STAR) program and other measures to reduce costs. Kolb stated the plan includes many reforms to protect taxpayers from the estimated $4.5 billion annual cost of Medicaid waste and fraud.