Reading Is Year-Round Fun For Children

May 19, 2006

The biggest investment we can make for a better future is in our children’s education. In an ever-increasing global marketplace, it is imperative we do everything to give our youth a competitive edge. The foundation of a proper education rests with the ability to read.

New York is home to the best education system in the nation. But just because school is out soon does not mean we have to stop learning or reading. Studies show children who continue reading during the summer perform better in school in the fall. To encourage our children to continue reading during the summer, I have set up the Summer Reading Challenge.

This program is completely voluntary, fun and educational for children. With an assortment of suggested books to choose from for different age categories, the Summer Reading Challenge is designed for children as young as preschool through all elementary grade levels. The challenge encourages students to continue reading over the summer months with assistance from their family members. The child and a parent or guardian are encouraged to read together each day and mark their accomplishment on a daily calendar.

Parents and guardians of elementary school students in my Assembly district over the next few weeks can expect children to bring home from school information about this program and a monthly calendar to help parents keep track of their children’s summer reading progress. When 40 or more days are marked off, the child earns a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate. Fill out the back of the calendar/brochure provided and return it to me. I’ll make sure all children receive certificates to mark their Summer Reading Challenge accomplishments.

For more information on the Summer Reading Challenge, contact my office at (315) 781-2030, or e-mail me at Together, we can help our children excel in reading this summer.