New Yorkers To Save At Pump

Legislature Passes Much-Needed Gas Tax Relief
May 15, 2006

Assemblyman Brian Kolb (R-C, Canandaigua) today announced that New York motorists can soon expect relief at the gas pump. On Monday, the state Legislature reached an agreement to cap the gas tax at a flat rate, saving drivers four cents per gallon. “I voted in favor of the measure because this will save motorists $250 million or more,” said Kolb. “If gasoline prices rise, so will savings, allowing consumers to put more money into the economy, where it belongs.”

“I am pleased we had the chance to give New York motorists some relief in the shadows of rising fuel costs. This is a start, but we need to do more to reduce our dependency on oil and help decrease the cost of gasoline for consumers.”

“I find it unfortunate that we had to wait a month for the Assembly majority to come on board with providing New Yorkers some relief. I believe we need to work off today’s actions and that’s why I am advocating legislation that will accelerate the transition to alternative fuels and reduce our dependency on oil.”

Assemblyman Kolb noted that alternative fuels would lower fuel costs through lower demand for gasoline, as well as provide for a cleaner environment, more agricultural and manufacturing jobs, and greater national security through greater energy independence.