Statement From Assemblyman Kolb On The Governorís Executive Budget

January 22, 2008

It is obvious to everyone in New York that the economy is hurting. At a time when we need a spark to help trigger growth, Governor Spitzer has not taken the necessary steps to boost the economy in New York. The budget spends too much and adds more debt that we cannot afford as a state. Simply put, the state cannot keep spending money that it doesnít have.

We need tax relief to ease the burden on residents. Instead of STAR Rebates for the middle class that were scheduled to be increased by $550 million this year, Governor Spitzerís plan calls for an increase of only $120 million.

In addition, Governor Spitzerís budget proposes millions in new fees and taxes. We are all feeling the squeeze when we get our bills, when we go to the gas pumps, when we pay our property taxes and when we pay for our health care.

I believe over the next several weeks we must work harder to construct a budget that truly provides financial relief to the taxpayers of New York State. This budget, as presented, does not accomplish that objective.