One-House Bill Is Nothing More Than Political Theater

Statement by Assemblyman Brian M. Kolb (R,C,I-Canandaigua)
August 19, 2008

"Today, the state Legislature held a special economic session at the urging of Governor David Paterson. The results were disappointing as lawmakers chipped away at a budget that spends far more than it earns in revenue. It did, however, grant us the opportunity to pass comprehensive property tax reform.

Unfortunately, the first action taken by the Assembly Majority was a one-house bill that raised $2.6 billion in new taxes and provided inadequate tax relief for New York’s overburdened taxpayers. This bill was not supported by Governor Paterson or any other legislative conference in Albany. This is the type of political posturing that taxpayers living in New York State will no longer tolerate.

This one-house bill did absolutely nothing to rein in excessive state spending and provided no more than political theater in an election year. As a state legislator, I am appalled that this type of action was taken by the Assembly Majority. I believe our focus should be on a comprehensive solution for the state budget woes, which includes spending reductions, a property tax cap and tax relief for those on fixed incomes. Hopefully, we will take the appropriate action before this extraordinary session concludes."