Budget Process Still Lacks Transparency

March 24, 2009

“Today, I joined my Senate colleagues in expressing concerns with this year’s secretive budget process and calling on Governor David Paterson to bring the budget process out in the open to be discussed in public rather than behind closed doors.

Our state faces a $14 billion budget deficit and decreasing revenues all while businesses and families are forced to cope with a crippling recession by doing more with less. For the Governor to meet with the Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader in secret is unconscionable. By doing so they are bypassing the public, the media, as well as a vast majority of elected state legislators and making authoritarian decisions that will impact our state for decades.

The losers from this disgraceful budget process will surely be the taxpayers as we hear rumors of potential sales, income, health care, gas and utility tax increases. We must end the speculation, introduce transparency and enact a responsible, on-time budget.”