Kolb: “Taxpayer Tea Parties” Sure Sign a Tax Revolution is Brewing in New York

Says taxpayers from Buffalo to Long Island are fed-up and frustrated with paying the highest taxes in America
April 15, 2009
The arrival of April 15th, and with it a series of “Taxpayer Tea Parties” that protest New York having the highest taxes in America, point to a growing tax revolution brewing across the state, said Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C,I-Canandaigua), who called on Albany to listen to fed-up and frustrated taxpayers by delivering real tax relief.

“The day dreaded by so many Americans – and especially New Yorkers forced to pay the highest taxes in America – has finally arrived: Tax Day. Today is the day millions will send even more of their hard-earned money to the government. Taxpayers from Buffalo to Long Island are fed-up and frustrated at Albany’s addiction to taxing, spending and borrowing – and then sticking them with the bill,” Kolb said.

“All across New York, Tax Day is being observed through grassroots ‘Taxpayer Tea Parties,’ where citizens peacefully protest state tax policies that punish success and discourage achievement. Nowhere is this clearer than in New York, now the ‘Tax Capital of the World’ due to $7 billion in new taxes and fees contained within the 2009-10 State Budget and years of Albany greedily taking a larger share of hard-working New Yorkers’ paychecks,” said Kolb, citing a recent Wall Street Journal editorial.

“A tax revolution has been brewing among New Yorkers for years – it’s time Albany understood that as long as our state saddles its citizens and employers with the highest taxes in America, we won’t get our economy moving again, or put more New Yorkers back to work. Our state’s recovery begins with delivering real tax relief for middle-class families and small businesses,” Kolb concluded.