Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb: Governor Patersonís Budget Contains Over $1 Billion In New Taxes, Fees And Surcharges; Does Not Do Enough To Get New Yorkers Back To Work Or Reduce The Burden On Families

January 19, 2010

ďWith more than 800,000 New Yorkers unemployed, struggling and worried about tomorrow, our top priority has to be getting people who are out of work, back to work. Governor Patersonís 2010-11 Executive Budget does not do enough to make this happen.

The next priority is protecting New York homeowners facing high, crushing property taxes and an even higher cost of living. Unfortunately, Governor Patersonís budget contains over $1 billion in new taxes, fees and surcharges that will result in families paying hundreds more in additional costs every year. The Governorís budget did not include a property tax cap to protect homeowners from property tax hikes that may occur down the line, when localities will have to foot the bill for Albanyís inability to make tough choices and rein in spending.

Governor Patersonís budget took some baby steps toward fiscal responsibility but did not go far enough to reduce the crushing cost of state government on New Yorkís overtaxed, overburdened taxpayers who are hurting and need help. The Governorís spending plan includes some State Agency consolidations, a temporary ban on unfunded mandates and a down payment on property tax relief, all of which are ideas our Assembly Minority Conference and I have previously proposed.

In ordinary times, this would be a good start, but these are extraordinary times. New York needed a budget that delivers more jobs and lower taxes. With these priorities as the measuring stick, the Governorís budget did not do enough, or go far enough, to deliver the real change our state needs and New Yorkers have been demanding.Ē