Assembly Minority Says “Enough” To New Taxes And More Borrowing, Stands Up For Taxpayers By Standing United Against Budget Resolution

Calls for no new taxes and a fiscally responsible spending plan that will grow New York’s private sector
March 24, 2010

ALBANY, NY – “Not another dime in new taxes.” That was the response from New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua) and the Assembly Minority Conference to an Assembly resolution introduced today that continued Albany’s broken status quo and fiscal irresponsibility. Kolb and the Assembly Minority voted against an Assembly resolution that included $342 million in new, job-killing tax hikes, an increase in the Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) on hospitals, $2 billion in new borrowing, while failing to provide a comprehensive plan for creating private sector jobs.

Much as they did in leading the opposition to last year’s budget, the Assembly Minority Conference stood against the resolution enacted this evening that established a framework for the 2010-11 State Budget.

“Right around this time last year, our entire Conference said ‘enough’ to decades of Albany’s fiscal irresponsibility enabled by higher taxes, more government spending and backdoor borrowing that amounted to generational theft. We put those words into action by voting against that bad budget. Here we are again, opposing the framework of another fiscally irresponsible spending plan,” Kolb said.

“In 2009, we cautioned that the budget would leave state finances in terrible shape while doing nothing to spur job creation. What has happened since then? New York’s budget deficit ballooned to $9.05 billion and state unemployment hit a 26-year high. The budget resolution drafted, introduced and passed by the Assembly Majority today perpetuates this vicious cycle, which is why our Conference voted unanimously against it,” Kolb stated.

“Before any borrowing or additional tax increases are even considered, we need to make certain we have exhausted all cost-saving measures and actually shrunk the size and cost of state government to help protect New York’s overtaxed taxpayers,” Kolb said.

“Tonight’s vote in opposition to the resolution was not about the blame game – it was about the future of New York State and an inescapable reality that taxpayers cannot afford another dime in new taxes. Someone needed to stand up for taxpayers and say enough to this proposed budgetary framework’s job-killing taxes and billions in new borrowing. This is exactly what our Conference did – we said enough to Albany’s broken status quo and ‘yes’ to a stronger financial future for all New Yorkers,” Kolb concluded.