Statement From New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua):

June 2, 2010

“Having failed spectacularly when it comes to dealing with the problems that face New York State, the Assembly Majority has sunk to a new low.

So what if New York faces massive and mounting debt and deficit. So what if the Legislature and Governor are unable or unwilling to meet their constitutionally mandated duty of having the state budget in place not later than April 1. So what if we are entering our third month without a budget in place and yet we are still no closer to a solution than we were three months ago? So what if Albany is dysfunctional and everyone knows it?

The New York State Assembly Majority decided that what we need to be doing today is advising the Governor and Legislature of some other state about what that state needs to be doing. With our State Budget now 63 days past due, this is clearly a case of misplaced priorities on the Majority’s part.

Today they want us to waste time and effort on Resolution No. 1282 by Members of Assembly which urges that other people – members of Congress from our state denounce, that’s the word they use – a new Arizona law taking effect July 29 which, in a nutshell, does little more than reiterate long-standing federal law and obligates state and local law enforcement agencies to assist in enforcement of the laws of the land governing illegal entry into this country.

This idea that the New York State Assembly should publicly critique laws passed in other states opens up a vast new field of useless endeavor. Where would the majority have us draw the line? Are they suggesting that they are such masters of governing that they also should be consultants to the other 49 states?

It seems not to occur to them that they just might have gotten things backwards here. Instead of demanding that Arizona heed their advice perhaps they would be better off asking the Governor and Legislature of Arizona to show them how to go about adopting a budget on time.”