Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb Continues Fighting For Real Reform In Albany

Kolb is recognized by good government coalition “New York Uprising” as a supporter of reforming state government
June 4, 2010

Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua) continues to be recognized as a strong supporter of reforming New York’s broken state government, having been recognized by “New York Uprising,” – a non-partisan, independent good government coalition launched by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch – for signing their reform pledges.

New York Uprising sent pledges to all 212 state legislators and statewide candidates, asking them to support specific reforms in the critical areas of independent redistricting, ethical government and responsible budgeting. Thus far, Kolb is the first, and only, Legislative Leader in state government to sign all of New York Uprising’s reform pledges.

“The mission of New York Uprising is ‘to put an end to corruption in Albany and reinstate the public’s faith in government by offering real, honest and sensible solutions that legislators and candidates can implement.’ This is the very same message our Assembly Minority Conference has been championing for years. I’m proud to support efforts by any group or person fighting for the positive change and real reform New York needs,” said Kolb.

Signing New York Uprising’s pledges was the latest in a series of actions taken by Kolb to advance the cause of real reform. Kolb recently spoke at “Albany On-the-Record,” a statewide webcast and public forum sponsored by a coalition of good government groups to discuss the need for reform and restore taxpayers’ faith and confidence in state government. Video of Kolb’s appearance at Albany On-The-Record is available by visiting his official webpage on the State Assembly’s website at

Kolb also has introduced legislation (Assembly Bill A.9157) and held public Town Halls across the state to build support for a non-partisan, grassroots “People’s Constitutional Convention to Reform New York” that would empower taxpayers to take back their state government and chart a positive new direction for the Empire State. More information on the “People’s Convention” can be found at

Additionally, Kolb has co-sponsored bi-partisan ethics reform legislation (Assembly Bill A.9032) which would have moved New York State’s government another step closer to having the toughest ethics laws in the nation, which is Kolb’s stated goal.