Leader Brian Kolb: “Instead Of Passing Another Extender, The Assembly And Senate Majorities Should Have Done Their Job And Passed The Budget”

Statement from New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua):
June 7, 2010

“Today, the Assembly and Senate Majorities passed the 10th emergency budget extender submitted by Governor Paterson since New York’s spending plan was due back on April 1. Doing partial cuts in this manner sets a bad precedent, is bad governance and represents bad public policy. Where is the accompanying revenue plan? Would any family put together their budget without knowing what their income or expenditures were? Of course not, it would be irresponsible. Also, what is the full impact of these cuts? How will they be absorbed? What are the cuts’ implications for employment? None of these questions has been answered to taxpayers’ satisfaction. We need a purposeful process, not a series of random actions. Quite simply, we need a budget.

The past several weeks spent debating and passing the Governor’s budget extenders were a waste. In that same amount of time we already could have gotten a fiscally responsible spending plan in place. The 2010-11 State Budget is now 68 days past due and New Yorkers are demanding a complete spending plan, not a continuation of this week-to-week piecemeal approach that leaves the job unfinished. Instead of passing another budget extender, the Assembly and Senate Majorities should have done their job and passed the actual budget.”