Good Government Group “NY Uprising” Honors Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb With Its “Hero Of Reform” Seal Of Approval

June 23, 2010

“NY Uprising,” a non-partisan, independent good government coalition founded by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, honored Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua) with their “Hero of Reform” Seal of Approval. Kolb signed NY Uprising’s three pledges to specific reforms in the areas of Independent Redistricting, Ethical Government and Responsible Budgeting.

“I applaud Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb as a ‘Hero of Reform’ for signing the three New York Uprising pledges. This year, voters are counting on candidates to commit to specific reforms in advance, as Assemblyman Kolb has done. I look forward to working with him to see them swiftly implemented should he be re-elected,” said former Mayor Koch.

Signing NY Uprising’s reform pledges was just part of Kolb’s continued efforts to advance the cause of true reform and fix New York’s broken state government. Kolb also has:

  • Spoken at “Albany On-the-Record,” a statewide webcast and public forum sponsored by a coalition of good government groups to discuss the need for reform and restore taxpayers’ faith and confidence in state government;
  • Introduced non-partisan legislation (Assembly Bill A.9157) and held public Town Halls across the state to build support for a non-partisan, grassroots “People’s Convention to Reform New York” that would empower taxpayers to take back their state government and chart a positive new direction for the Empire State. More details on the “People’s Convention” can be found at;
  • Sponsored and supported legislation to enact term limits for Legislative Leaders and legislators, protect families with a property tax cap; impose a state spending cap to restore fiscal accountability; and establish procedures for “initiative, referendum and recall” which grants taxpayers the ability to vote to create laws, repeal laws and remove elected officials; and
  • Co-sponsored bi-partisan ethics reform legislation (Assembly Bills A.9544 and A.9032) which would have moved New York State’s government another step closer toward having the toughest ethics laws in the nation, which is one of Kolb’s top priorities.

“I want to thank Mayor Koch and NY Uprising for their determination to bring real change to New York and for recognizing me as a ‘Hero of Reform.’ I will continue working with them and any good government group or individual who is committed to making our state government more ethical, accountable and responsive to the needs of taxpayers,” Kolb said.